Baseball FAQ

hit by pitch refusal

Can A Batter Refuse A Hit By Pitch In Baseball?

The Major League Baseball rule book addresses a lot of different situations between the pitcher, the batter, and the catcher. Pitchers will hit the batter with a pitch, either unintentionally or on purpose. There are consequences when batters are hit; hitters will be awarded first base when they are hit […]

stepping on homeplate

Can You Step On Home Plate While Batting?

A hitter comes to bat and stands on either the right side or the left side of home plate, depending on whether he is a right-handed or left-handed hitter. He stands within a chalk-drawn area referred to as the batter’s box. His feet remain in this box when he swings […]

swing twice at one pitch

Can You Swing Twice At one Pitch?

Most baseball players don’t have degrees in physics, nor have they studied how an object moves in space, or how fast moves over a specific distance, in this case, exactly 60 feet and 6 inches. Baseball hitting and pitching is all about instinct, and the gift for being able to […]

Can A Batter Hit A Pitch That Bounces?

We assume every ball pitched to a batter will be thrown in the air. The batter watches the ball and determines if it is in or out of the strike zone. In a split second, he decides to either swing or pass. But sometimes a pitcher will make a mistake, […]

jumping over catcher to score

Can You Jump Over The Catcher In Baseball?

Home plate is one of the most dangerous areas of play on the field.  Players who run home from 3rd base to home do not have a clear path to the plate. In front of him is the bulk of the catcher, wearing heavy protective equipment and intent on making […]

most dangerous position to play in baseball

What Is The Most Dangerous Position In Baseball?

Some injuries to players occur immediately during a baseball game. An outfielder runs into the outfield fence; a batter is hit by a pitch; a runner collides with the shortstop sliding into second base. But players also sustain injuries that happen over the course of many games; the players injure […]

hardest position in baseball

Which Baseball Position Is The Hardest To Play?

We’ve all watched major League baseball and seen exciting, logic-defying plays that are so incredible we watch them over and over on instant replay. An outfielder makes an amazing diving catch then gets up and throws a fastball like a rocket to second base with pinpoint accuracy and a runner […]

easiest baseball position

Which Baseball Position Is The Easiest?

The defense of a baseball team consists of 9 players, each assigned the task of fielding a hit baseball by the opposing team’s batter. If there are runners on base, not only do they have to field the ball by catching it as a fly or a grounder, players need […]