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team captain in baseball

Which Baseball Position Is Known As The Captain?

In the early days of baseball, the team captain was a player as well as captain. In addition, he took on the responsibilities that a team manager has today. One could imagine how much work the early captains did; half the game on the field, the other half in the […]

little league baseball cost

How Much Does it Cost to play Little League Baseball?

Playing Little League sports is worthwhile for so many reasons that it justifies the investment we make for our children to participate. Children learn teamwork and discipline and they develop all the skills needed to play the game. But intangibles like learning social skills, making new friends and developing trust […]

little league base stealing

Can You Steal Bases In Little League?

Little League Baseball exists not only to teach young players the rules of the game, but also to play with a focus on safety. Some rules of the game for major league play are laxer than Little League due to the age and fitness of professional ballplayers.  Young players are […]

little league coach

Can Little League Coaches Be Paid? (The Truth)

The Little League organization was incorporated in 1964 in a bill signed by then-president Lyndon B Johnson. It is classified as a not for profit corporation and is tax-exempt. As such, everyone who “works” for Little League is considered a volunteer, including umpires, coaches and concession workers. However, from time […]

12 year old catcher glove size

What Size Catcher’s Mitt Should a 12-Year-Old Use?

Even though 12-year old players are still pre-teen, they’re already playing baseball at a higher degree of competition.  Field positions are more often than not assigned, but some players are able to play multiple field position. The one position that requires the most time and is the most specialized, is […]

9 year old baseball glove

What Size Baseball Glove Should a 9 Year Old Use? (GUIDE)

The Little League organization sets the standards for youth baseball leagues nationwide, and Little League also helps determine the level of competition for youth players. According to the organization, 9-year olds can either continue playing in a Minor League Division or, can choose to play in the more competitive Little […]

youth baseball glove 8 year old

What Size Baseball Glove Should an 8-year-old Use? (GUIDE)

Eight-year-old baseball players play in Little League’s Minor League Division. In the division, the ball is pitched faster and moves with greater speed on the baseball field. Fielding becomes more important, and youth players begin to learn techniques to be great defensive players. The size of the glove should be […]

little league pitching rules

2019 Little League Pitch Limits and Required Rest Rules

In recent years,  there has been a distressing increase in the amount of injuries sustained by pitchers competing at the Little league level. Some of these injuries can be so serious that players can lose weeks or the entire season recuperating from the injury. Often, medical treatment will be necessary […]

Is Wiffle Ball Bad for your Swing?

Wiffle balls have assumed a larger role in recent years during team baseball practice. It’s especially popular in youth baseball because they won’t cause injury to young players with fear of being hit by the ball. There are questions about the effectiveness of using wiffle balls for team drills. After […]