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baseball score card
Baseball FAQ

How to Keep Score in Baseball – A Complete Guide

How to Keep Score in Baseball A baseball scorecard contains an incredible amount of information. Official scorecards are sold at the baseball stadium, but one can create their own scorecard. Scorecard books are perfect for those keeping record of a team for the whole season. Baseball scorecards allow us to […]

exit velocity
Baseball FAQ

How to Increase Baseball exit Velocity

Younger teenage players don’t have to be concerned about exit velocity. But by the time they reach college or they tryout for a Division 1 Minor League Team, most hitters are expected to have a baseball exit velocity of no less than 90 miles per hour to be accepted. The […]

baseball glove for 9 year olds
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Best Youth Baseball Glove for 9 Year olds

Nine year old baseball players are at a point in their baseball career where they begin to do intensive fielding drills that are more specialized and which aim to get them ready for competitive play. This is the time for them when their equipment becomes important, especially fielding gloves. The […]

weightlifting for baseball
Baseball Drills

The Ultimate High School Baseball Lifting Program

Our understanding of the human body increases with every passing year. For maintaining general health, it’s now known that regular general exercise helps in the prevention of diseases while also increasing energy and endurance. Athletic training for baseball players is now found to be extremely beneficial for high school players’ […]