Best Youth Bat Bags

In today’s day and age, kids all carry a lot more around than ever before. Everyone has a phone, and although I limit how much time my sons can use their phones, they’re important when we’re separated and there’s been a change in pickup plans or in an


emergency. Kids also carry keys, and sometimes they have to take all their equipment to their baseball games and to practice by themselves. Most important, we parents don’t want them to lose the gloves, helmets, baseballs, phones, and baseball gloves we purchased for them.

In the last decade people started using backpacks more and more as an alternative method to carry necessary things around. And now, backpacks have become more popular especially for kids that specialize in carrying baseball equipment and other necessities. The one that caught my attention, as a Dad and a coach, is the Easton 110 BP Bat Pack. The name is a little deceiving because kids can carry not only baseball bats, but every piece of equipment needed for baseball practice and games.

What caught my attention most about the Easton Bat Bag is how solid its materials are, and how they seem to understand how tough kids are with backpacks. It’s made from a durable, soft but tough canvas material, and has zippers that are virtually unbreakable.

Why is the Easton Bat Bag the Best Choice for Carrying Sports Equipment?


The designer of the Easton Bat Bag seems very savvy when it comes to style and appearance, something kids find very important. Amazingly, then, the Easton Bat bag comes in a whopping 13 different color combinations and options!  I remember when growing up, I had to choose between just two or three color schemes for my backpack. With 13 varieties, every young player will be find one to their liking.

The canvas covering a portion of the bag’s front and base is camo material. On either side are vented pockets for baseball bats, so they can carry two in the bag. The bottom front compartment is also made from camo. This compartment will fit their cleats.

The large storage area inside will fit their glove, several balls, a batting helmet and a batting glove, with room to spare. But what I liked even better was yet another compartment directly on top, which houses their phones and keys and other miscellany they carry with them.

I liked the fact that the back part of the bat bag is padded, so my kids can carry their equipment comfortably, even if the bag is weighed down with all of it. The straps are padded too.