My Recommended Youth Cleats

In my years coaching kids, one aspect of their play I focused on more than anything else was their footwork. The better they’re able to move side to side, forward and back, the better they can field and hit. Drills are done so youth players improve, and the more, the better.

Under Armour Youth Cleats fresh out of the box.

Parents often ask me about what kinds of gloves, helmets, bats and shoes they think are the best for their kids, and I always recommend gear I’ve tried out personally. When asked about youth baseball cleats, I suggested Under Armour’s Kids Boys Leadoff Low RM Jr. cleats because those are the cleats my young son used in his first year playing baseball.

There are a few good brands that promote youth baseball cleats, but the Under Armour cleat compared very well when we first tried out cleats to buy. My son said they felt the most comfortable out of all the cleats he tried on. This is important because youth players, especially the very young ones, will be negatively impacted if their baseball shoes are uncomfortable. They won’t play as well and they become fatigued much sooner, making their playing experience a negative, counterproductive one.

What I Look for in a Youth Player Cleat

Baseball cleats should allow you to perform at your best, no matter what age. Comfort is just as important. The better the fit and insulation in a youth cleat, the more they can play and the better they perform.

Ventilation is of great importance in baseball cleats. Under Armour’s cleats have uppers that are ventilated for maximum breathability. Cooler feet keeps feet active, and less fatigued. The tongue is made of mesh material, so the feet stay comfortable. The midsole on the bottom is thick and insulated, so it absorbs shock extremely well.

Of course, kids love colors and styles, and Under Armour comes in 4 colors that kids find neat looking. My son decided on the Black/Team Royal colors and his satisfaction showed on his face when he put them on. For me, the fact that most of the cleat’s upper body is padded to absorb shock made me think about my own cleats, and how nice it is to keep my feet comfortable and to be able to jump and move and not get hurt in the process because of less shock.

What Kinds of Drills Can be done with High Quality Youth Cleats?

Players just starting out and those with more experience will learn, through the drills we give them at practice, how to hit and field baseballs. Drills require young players to move in several different directions within a few seconds. Good fielding is 90% footwork. Young players will be moving in ways that are new to them, and it’s expected that they’ll make mistakes, and even sometimes lose their balance and fall.

Coaches always need to put safety first, so we expect kids to wear the right equipment so they can practice without getting hurt. Having the right cleats aids young players and helps them improve their game as long as they’re not compromised by their gear.

A baseball cleat like Under Armour’s Kids Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball Shoe, satisfied my requirements. The midsole under the cleat contains the EVA material that absorbs shock, and the molded design makes it fit tightly and securely around the foot. They also last a long time.

Cleats need to be durable, and when they’re constructed well, they help prevent injuries like ankle sprains or slipping and falling because they don’t fit right. Children are still growing, so everything we buy for them is bigger in size so they’ll grow into them. Cleats should be purchased in a slightly larger size as well, and yet still fit snugly.

Kids are notorious for beating up shoes, and the last thing on their minds is taking good care of them. The slick material that the upper of the Under Armour cleats is slick so it’s easily washable.  Their style is attractive to kids so they’ll enjoy wearing them too.  Get a size bigger so they can be used next season too.

Under Armour was established in 1996 and I’d seen players wearing their stuff on TV football and baseball games.  They’re endorsed by pro sports players, so I felt more confident trying them out, and was grateful to see that they lived up to their hype.