Youth Batting Helmet

Finding a good batting helmet to use for your youth player isn’t much of a struggle, but I’ve always recommended This helmet from Amazon. It’s a Rawling’s helmet, so you know that you’re getting a good quality helmet. The padding on the inside of this batter’s helmet is soft foam, which helps soak up sweat and provides some serious comfort.

There’s nothing worse than using the league-provided batting helmets that are all scratched up, have no padding, and provide absolutely no protection whatsoever.

The Youth Batting Helmet I Recommend

The Youth batting helmet that I recommend is the Rawlings R18 Youth Batting Helmet. I often get parents asking me for some recommendations when it comes to their kids’ batting helmet. And the truth is… you can’t really go wrong with any brand in particular. They’re all so similar these days, that they all work great.

However, what I do recommend to the parents is that they find a baseball helmet like the Rawlings R18 with good internal padding. This is a safety feature that can seriously reduce the impact if they are hit in the head with a ball. The internal shock absorbing pads can really provide some safety to these players.

Why I Recommend This Helmet

With so many youth batting helmets on the market, why do I recommend this one? Besides the fact that I have mentioned above in regards to the safety features, I really like the fact that this helmet is incredibly light weight.

While running the bases, additional weight is not something that is going to help in terms of run speed and performance.

Another feature that I like about this helmet is that you are able to attach a face mask to the helmet. In some youth leagues these days, face masks are required by the league rules to be worn at all times while batting and base running. Having the option to have a face mask and not is a nice little feature that Rawling’s has implemented into this helmet.