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little league pitching rules

2019 Little League Pitch Limits and Required Rest Rules

In recent years,  there has been a distressing increase in the amount of injuries sustained by pitchers competing at the Little league level. Some of these injuries can be so serious that players can lose weeks or the entire season recuperating from the injury. Often, medical treatment will be necessary […]

baseball drills for 8 year old

5 Baseball Catching Drills for 8 Year Olds

8-year olds are at the very end of their early childhood and beginning to look beyond needing immediate gratification, becoming able to take an interest outside of themselves. They can now be trained by incorporating more challenging catcher’s drills. We’ve gathered here 5 Baseball Catching drills designed specifically for kids […]

Is Wiffle Ball Bad for your Swing?

Wiffle balls have assumed a larger role in recent years during team baseball practice. It’s especially popular in youth baseball because they won’t cause injury to young players with fear of being hit by the ball. There are questions about the effectiveness of using wiffle balls for team drills. After […]

baseball drills 13 age

8 Important Baseball Drills for 13-Year-Olds

As players enter their teenage years, many of them have been playing for about 6 or seven years, and others are novices, just starting in the game. A year or two after age 13, the distance between the bases becomes the official90-foot distance, while the distance between the pitcher’s mound […]

fun tee ball drills

8 Incredibly Fun Tee Ball Drills

Young boys and girls begin to get involved in organized baseball between the ages of 4 and 5. At this age, they know little or nothing about the game of baseball. When they watch players running around the field, hitting fielding, throwing and running, there is a spark of interest […]

outfield tee ball drills

10 Tee Ball Outfield Drills to Try (With Extra Tips!)

At the tee ball level, players aged 4 through 8 begin to learn how to hit, throw, catch, run and field. As they develop their throwing and running skills, they move to the outfield and attempt different player tasks, such as throwing into the infield, cutting off runners and learning […]

tee ball batting drills

8 Tee Ball Hitting Drills to Build Basic Mechanics

Tee Ball is the time when 4 through 7-year olds develop a love for the game of baseball. Coaches need to be extra resourceful in finding ways to make practice fun as well as a time for very young players to start developing real skills in hitting, running, throwing and […]

The Top 9 Tee Ball Throwing Drills

One of the biggest challenges for tee ball coaches is improving the throwing ability of their players. The tee ball player’s entire body is involved in throwing accurately. These 9 Tee Ball Throwing Drills will help your players improve greatly while having fun doing them. Most of these drills are […]