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Best Baseball Lineup Board for Coaches

If there is a coach in your life and you want to give him a gift that will help organize his coaching work and help his focus in the course of a baseball game, there’s fee accessories more important to his success than a lineup board. The Budgetizer brand Coaches Dry Erase Lineup Board allows him to see his game plan all on a small but detailed handy clipboard.

Coaches have a lot of responsibilities and they need to keep constant track of their players and also be thinking of game strategies and tactics on the spur of the moment. A lineup board is one of the must haves for coaches. The ability to look at a handy, portable lineup board while the game is in progress allows him to make adjustments in real time.

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Typical accessories for coaches have included a scorebook, writing utensils such as pencils, a stopwatch, pitch counter, and a lineup board. All these materials are necessary to stay on top of the game in progress.

A great feature of the Budgetizer Lineup Board are the accessories that come along with it such as two dry erase markers that are useful when changes are made to the  batting lineup as well as changes in fielding positions. An erasable lineup board is superior to using paper and pencil to erase or cross out player information during a game. In the end the paper notes appear disorganized and hard to follow, with multiple pages being used just to stay on top of game changes.

This erasable clipboard is small enough to carry around yet is still large enough to list the batting order on one side and player positions on the other. The designers of this clipboard have allowed a lot of space for the roster and the batting order, with an easy to read box score at the bottom. On the reverse side is an illustration of a baseball diamond with plenty of space to list each player in their respective fielding positions. Making changes is easy using the handy eraser cap on the marker itself.

The package includes the lineup clipboard (designed with a green background that makes reading easier), a coaching whistle with a lanyard to wear around the neck, two dry erase markers in black and red to keep track of player changes, with erasers on the opposite end of the markers.

Affixed at the top of the clipboard is a retractable hook that will fit anywhere and makes it easy to remove and carry around as you decide which changes to make. Any additional attachments you wish to make to the clipboard is made easy with a sturdy metal clip.

The Budgetizer is double sided, the offense setup on the front, and a graphic of the defensive setup on the back which displays a baseball diamond. Sharing your strategies and explaining tactical formations with players is easy with the clipboard’s design and format.

The front side of the Budgetizer lineup board has 16 rows and 4 columns. Each player’s name is listed in the first column and next to the name is the player’s number. The next column over lists his position. The final column is where his place in the batting lineup is notated.

Underneath the team roster is a horizontal box score that makes it easy to reference the score in real time. As the innings progress, you can look down at the box score and write in any changes above it that are necessary and helpful. Erasing and writing in changes allows you to see the results of your actions. Turn the clipboard over and you have the defensive array displayed. If you decide to make a double switch, for example, it can be noted on both the front and back of the lineup board written in marker that can be erased and changed whenever necessary.

Not only is the Budgetizer clipboard double-sided, it has a dry erase surface and it does not bend. The premium quality materials can withstand wear and tear, such as rain and sweat, and the occasional dropping on the ground or being stepped on accidentally.

As game play becomes more involved, it’s critical to stay on top of changes you make and to make instantaneous responses when the opposition makes changes. Carrying pieces of paper and loading them on a clipboard is inefficient and can become confusing. A clipboard is a critical coaching accessory. Having one where everything can be recorded and changed on one erasable surface allows a coach to stay in the game, without needing to reference other papers or clipboards.

The Budgetizer Lineup Board is a great example of intelligent design. Its creators know and can anticipate how a coach thinks and have provided an accessory that addresses their need to stay on top of the game. With this erasable lineup board and two erasable markers in different colors, staying on top of changes in the course of the game are followed much less confusingly.

Budgetizer’s Dry Erase Baseball Lineup Board comes with a stainless steel whistle with adjustable lanyard that keeps the whistle where its most needed. A pen holder is part of the package, as well as two erasable markers in red and black. Priced affordably at just under $10.00, with free shipping for online orders, this baseball lineup board is a best choice for coaches needing an accessory that keeps record of changes and game strategy in real time.

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