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Can You Steal Bases In Little League?

Little League Baseball exists not only to teach young players the rules of the game, but also to play with a focus on safety. Some rules of the game for major league play are laxer than Little League due to the age and fitness of professional ballplayers.  Young players are […]

Baseball Drills

9 Youth Baseball Drills for 6 Year Olds

Baseball takes years and years to master, but skills are perfected faster when the right drills are done. Coaches should focus on drills like the ones that follow because they focus on building the specific skills of hitting, running and fielding. Improving these skills should start at a very young […]

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Can Little League Coaches Be Paid? (The Truth)

The Little League organization was incorporated in 1964 in a bill signed by then-president Lyndon B Johnson. It is classified as a not for profit corporation and is tax-exempt. As such, everyone who “works” for Little League is considered a volunteer, including umpires, coaches and concession workers. However, from time […]