Baseball FAQ

Why do Catchers Throw to Third Base After a Strikeout?

You may notice catchers throwing the ball to third base after a strikeout. Not only is this one of baseball’s many traditions, but throwing the ball to third after a strikeout actually serves a functional purpose. Catchers typically throw the ball to third base after a strikeout to keep fielders […]

Why Do Pitchers Lick Their Fingers?

If you’ve ever watched a major league baseball game, you might have noticed something. The pitchers sometimes lick their index and middle finger. This might leave a non-pitcher baffled. Why do pitchers lick their fingers? Pitchers lick their fingers and hands to moisturize their skin just enough to have a […]

Why is it 90 Feet to First Base?  

The diamond shape of the baseball field has changed very little over the past 150 years.  Its four-sided shape consisting of sharp angles at the two sides resemble two back to back triangles, was established in 1845 by the Knickerbocker Baseball Club. Since then there have been only minute changes […]

Why Do MLB Players Use Wooden Bats?

Not too long ago, I was watching a Major League Baseball game when I noticed the players were using wooden bats. I was wondering why this is given the variety of bats on the market today. Why do MLB players use wooden bats? Wooden bats are heavier and solid, whereas […]

Why Do Baseball Managers and Coaches Wear Uniforms?

In many sports, head coaches dress resplendently in formal suits and ties. In baseball, however, the manager wears the same team uniform the players wear. The coaches also dress in numbered team uniforms. This is a singular phenomenon that only happens in baseball. Why do the coaches and managers wear […]

How Many Balls Are Used in a Baseball Game?

There is often nothing more enjoyable than taking a friend or loved one to a baseball game at a stadium. The average price for a ticket to a game today is about $30.00 before buying food or drinks at one of the ubiquitous concession stands, where the cost for the […]

How Many Stitches Are On a Baseball?

The simple, unsophisticated materials of cowhide, rubber, cork and a length of yarn, have been the essential components of baseballs for the last 150 years. In an era of technological breakthroughs such as synthetics and automation, league-quality baseballs are still partly made by hand.  All the baseballs used in professional […]

Why Can’t You Play Baseball in the Rain?

Recently, I was at a Major League Baseball game and it started to lightly rain yet the game went on, shortly after it started pouring and the game was called due to rain So why can’t you play baseball in the rain? When it rains, also known as “Rainout”, players […]

What Does a “K” Mean in Baseball Stats?

Baseball game box scores are loaded with information where game outcomes and players’ performance is recorded. A great deal of information is contained in a box score and is abbreviated, from how many strikeouts a pitcher threw to the size of the crowd in the stadium. Box scores contain statistics […]