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baseball score card

How to Keep Score in Baseball – A Complete Guide

How to Keep Score in Baseball A baseball scorecard contains an incredible amount of information. Official scorecards are sold at the baseball stadium, but one can create their own scorecard. Scorecard books are perfect for those keeping record of a team for the whole season. Baseball scorecards allow us to […]

exit velocity

How to Increase Baseball exit Velocity

Younger teenage players don’t have to be concerned about exit velocity. But by the time they reach college or they tryout for a Division 1 Minor League Team, most hitters are expected to have a baseball exit velocity of no less than 90 miles per hour to be accepted. The […]

baseball tryout tips

How to Make any Baseball Team (Baseball Tryout Tips)

A high school baseball tryout is an audition. In the future, you may want to audition for the college baseball team, or you may encounter a fellow college student auditioning to get into the music program. High school baseball tryouts have one main thing in common with any other audition: […]

The Best Baseball Bat for a 10 Year Old

Choosing the best bat for a 10 year old can be challenging. There are so many manufacturers today making youth baseball bats, one would think it would be hard to get a consensus, and find a bat that is known for being exceptional and having qualities above and beyond the […]

batting lineup tips

How to Optimize Your Baseball Batting Lineup

If you’re a baseball coach for players age 10 and under, your batting lineup is going to be different that a team of players age 11 and up. There’s more freedom in preparing a lineup for the youngest, and it isn’t a bad idea to give each player a chance […]

how to swing a bat

How to Swing a Baseball Bat – Complete Hitting Mechanics

Playing baseball is not as easy as sportscasters on popular networks sometimes make is sound. Every aspect of the game, from fielding a position, to throwing the baseball accurately, to swinging a piece of wood or composite material to connect with a small object, is studied with an aim towards […]

baseball catcher

How to be a Baseball Catcher (The Complete Guide)

The catcher position on a baseball team is unique, completely unlike any other field position. In a way, catchers are a lot like a manager on the field in that he must be aware of everything happening on the field, especially when runners are one base. If you’ve thought about […]