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How to break in a glove for baseball

How to Properly Break in a New Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves have undergone a remarkable evolution from the very first time they were used in organized team play. Materials have changed, and the types of leather and lacing used now are dramatically different than they were 120 years ago. Baseball gloves are better now than ever before, which raises […]

baseball pitcher

The 8 Kinds of Baseball Pitches and How They Move

Watching a baseball game can be deceiving. The viewer can’t see the catcher’s hand signals, nor do they know what type of pitch from the pitcher’s arsenal will be thrown until later. While we can try to predict what the pitcher will throw next, such as a 4-seam fastball, changeup, […]


4 Seam VS 2 Seam Fastball – What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever watched a baseball game, you might realize that people talk about 4 seam versus 2 seam fastballs and want to know the difference. While both of those particular pitches in baseball travel at high rates of speed, unlike a curveball or slider, these two types of pitches […]

Are Weighted Baseballs Safe to Use? Here’s the Truth

If you’re a baseball coach looking to increase your player’s arm strength or an aspiring major league pitcher, it’s enticing to look at weighted baseballs as a means to increase your arm strength. However, since weighted baseballs are starting to gain more traction, it’s a good idea to look over […]

Do MLB Players Buy Their Own Bats?

Every time I watch a MLB game, I find myself wondering if the players buy their own bats. So, I looked into it a little bit to get to the bottom of it once and for all. Do MLB players buy their own bats? While uncommon, MLB players buy their […]

BBCOR vs Wood Bats – Which is Better?

In 2011 the NCAA made a major rule change regarding the type of baseball bat approved for use in colleges. Their research and findings have been applied to high school baseball as well. As of January 1, 2011, the NCAA required that all manufacturers had to comply with the newly […]

Can a Wood Bat Lose Pop?

Before we delve into the subject of whether or not a wood bat can lose its pop, let’s first figure out what pop is. To put it simply, it’s how fast the ball is traveling as a result of being hit by the bat, while all other variables remain the […]

Why Are There 9 Innings in Baseball?

The rules of the game of baseball we are familiar with today came about after a great deal of trial and error. In the beginning, there wasn’t a game clock or an agreed length for each game, nor was there an agreed number of players on each team. As more […]

Which Team Bats First in Baseball?

Besides talent, are there distinct advantages one baseball team has over the other? Baseball pundits have long argued home field advantage. Another way to ask the question; Which team bats first in baseball? Does that element influence the outcome of the game? The visiting team always bats first and bats […]